Projects & Programs

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100 Years of Loss

An education program comprised of a mobile exhibition, curriculum package, website, and app.


1000 Conversations

A campaign that encouraged people to engage in a discussion on healing and reconciliation (2009-2010)


Bridging Our Communities

A free toolkit and resources created to provide communities with functional methods to promote promising healing models based on a study of best practices in healing and decolonization


LHF/Wabano Commemoration Exhibition

A permanent exhibition on the history and legacy of residential schools created by the LHF and the Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health


Our Stories... Our Strength 

A national commemoration and education project to record testimonies of Residential School Survivors (2006-2008)


NWT/NU Curriculum

comprehensive residential schools curriculum package developed in partnership with the LHF, the Government of the Northwest Territories and the Government of Nunavut (2012-2014)


Tebatchimowin Activity Guide

A free guide that examines the history and legacy of the Residential School System through six activities

We Were So Far Away

 a mobile exhibition (with companion website and book) that examines the Inuit experience of residential schools through the voices of eight Inuit Survivors.


Where are the Children?

A mobile exhibition (with companion website and app) that encourages visitors to learn about the history and legacy of the residential school system and its lasting impacts