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Over 2007-2008 the LHF worked with First Nations curriculum developers to create curricula on the history and legacy of the residential school system in Canada for grades 9-10 and 11-12, as well as for post-secondary students and lifelong learners. The curriculum can be found in the Bookshelf section of

Since the launch of the website, LHF has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from teachers using the curriculum. Based, in part, on the success of the curriculum, and as a response to requests by educators and communities, LHF has expanded into the areas of museum education and is developing a range of in-class resources.



December 2010, LHF initiated a number of research activities to identify:

  • existing provincial/territorial curriculum areas which include content on Indian Residential Schools;
  • emerging subject/curriculum areas and provincial/territorial commitments to providing this content as well as the anticipated timelines for release; what role LHF could provide to the various provincial ministries during the development and or revision of curriculum in this area.

As a second aspect of this research, LHF is working to determine who currently is engaged in, or will be developing curriculum or other educational materials on Residential Schools. These organizations will include publishers, not‐for‐profits, community organizations, and other parties for which the topic is a priority focus.

With regard to partnerships, LHF is also researching:
  • opportunities to advise Ministries of Education during the development of curriculum or educational products destined for the school system;
  • parties who are committed to providing information on Residential Schools, such as post secondary institutions (research centres), federal agencies (archives), religious entities, museums, cultural centres, and national, provincial, and regional Aboriginal organizations;
  • potential opportunities for supporting the development of educational products/programming that is being done by other entities;
  • opportunities to partner with outside agencies/organizations on outreach and education initiatives including community engagement efforts.

We look forward to sharing this information and working with our partners to develop high quality educational resources and to working with the Ministries of Education to integrate the history and legacy of residential schools as a topic area in provincial/territorial curricula.

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